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your nervous system

through therapeutic bodywork, yoga, and other functional modalities. 

For the health and nature conscious adventurer, who knows health goes beyond the physical and seeks holistic healing through the body. 



functional earth-centered bodywork
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We are an independently woman owned, holistic bodywork practice that focuses on long-term, whole-body therapeutic care. We help active, adventurous people with busy lives build body awareness through nervous system regulation, massage, yoga and energy work. Each session is a customizable experience. A blend of swedish, deep tissue, mindful stretching, infused with intuitively detailed techniques, you will leave feeling whole again. Amber's rooted connection with nature reflects through her work and business. She believes each person deserves to be pain free and have the tools to achieve that. At Mountain Meadow Therapeutics we work hard, play hard, and recover hard. May-September, Amber offers local outdoor mountain massage experiences to those looking for a deeper connnection to nature. 











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chronic pain and overuse


jaw pain, TMJ 

anxiety, depression, grief support

low back pain, injuries

whiplash/car accidents

shoulder injuries (past/present)

overall body maintenance and flexibility

athletes and sports injuries

autoimmune conditions such as fibromyalgia, lupus, RA

supporting relief from:



Amber has rooted her career for the past 8 years here in Denver, Colorado, where she was also born and raised. A mountain enthusiast herself, she knows the healing that the mountains and outdoors can bring if you spend enough time there. Graduating from the Denver School of Massage Therapy in 2014, Amber has influenced thousands of lives since, helping people live pain-free. In 2020 she started Mountain Meadow Therapeutics blending Therapeutic massage, private yoga sessions, energy work and other holistic offerings to give clients a truly well-rounded experience.  A Licensed Massage Therapist, Registered Yoga Teacher and certified Reiki Practitioner, Amber views the body as a whole and customizes every experience to each individual depending what is needed at the time of the session. Some of her techniques include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Dermoneuromodulation(DNM), Cupping and Reiki to name just a few. Amber follows each massage with recommendations to a more optimal life. Ambers goal is to get clients to take control of their pain, mobility and stressors and know that they can achieve anything at any stage in life.

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Amber is absolutely wonderful! Seriously a gem. I have lupus and fibromyalgia and have different needs with each appointment and she always takes the time to help figure out what I need and change her massage techniques to help. She also takes the time to show me stretches and low impact exercises to help my troubled areas after each appointment which I greatly appreciate. She's goes above and beyond and I can't thank her enough for her care. She is a gentle soul and an absolute sweetheart. I highly recommend her.

- S.C.

I am always super impressed by Amber of Mountain Meadow Therapeutics and sessions with her are the best part of my self care routine! When I first began with her I had really bad lower back pain and hip pain along with high stress. Every session with her feels like it is perfectly tailored to my unique needs and she provides so many resources beyond appointments such as stretches, nerve flossing routines, and suggestions for daily life.  My lower back and hip pain has subsided significantly and Amber was the only one who was able to fix a shoulder injury I had after a mountain biking fall. The knowledge she has far outweighs any other massage therapist I've worked with and it really shows up in the reduction of pain I've had. Adding appointments with Amber into my self care routine has become critical both physically and mentally and I can't recommend working with her enough.

- B.D.

Amber is an absolute miracle worker! I've been seeing her for over two years and it might be the only reason I can keep my super active lifestyle. She is so attune to the aches, pains, and energy flow of the body and is super knowledgeable about long term care as well. Best massage therapist in Colorado!

- M.T.



If you are interested in booking, please use this link. Thank you!


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