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Hello! Welcome to healthy boundaries.


Healthy boundaries protect peace of mind for the client (you) and the therapist. Healthy boundaries honor the day flow of operations and the reserved time of your highly credentialed therapists.

May our proactive guidance implement the consistent mindful approach you are calling in. Any special requests beyond our policies requires a conversation with Amber. 

A sincere thank you in advance for your respect and adaptation to our policies. 


Mountain Meadow Therapeutics reserves the right to withhold a 48 hour cancellation policy for in-office appointments. If you happen to cancel within the 48 hour window you will be responsible for 100% of your appointment cost.

If you have prepaid you will forfeit that money as your ‘cancellation fee’.

If you have a package, one of those massages will be deducted from your packages instead of being charged the cost of your appointment.

This is due to high demand especially for ‘prime times’ such as evenings and weekends. Please let me know as soon as you can if you are unable to attend your appointment. If your appointment is a no call, no show, you will be charged 100% of the appointment cost, no exceptions. 

Time for your appointment has been reserved specifically for you. Please arrive no more than 5 to 10 minutes prior to your session to avoid shortening the time of your session. This will also give us time to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.


Mountain Massage Experiences: Failure to reschedule or cancel within one week (7 days) of your appointment will result in your deposit being held by Mountain Meadow Therapeutics. You will forfeit your 20% deposit used to reserve your spot and block off that time. I take these experiences seriously. Please don’t waste either of our time. Again, emergencies happen and we understand that. In case of an emergency cancellation, contact us at

In the case of an "unsafe" experience( bad weather, wildlife or any other unsafe predicament out of our control) your deposit will be returned to you within a week. If a therapist cancelation happens under a 7 days notice, your 20% deposit will be returned within a week. 

In the event that your session is canceled by the therapist feeling unsafe pre-session due to a client, you will unfortunately lose your 20% deposit and no longer receive your service. 

If a therapist feels unsafe at any point during a mountain expereince due to the client, you will be charged 100% of the appointment cost, lose your deposit and the session will be immediately terminated. 


Failure to show up for any appointment and notify Mountain Meadow Therapeutics of a late cancellation OR you are MORE THAN 15 MINUTES LATE will be considered a no call, no show and be responsible for 100% of the appointment cost.

If you have prepaid you will forfeit that money as your ‘cancellation/no-show fee’.

If you have a package, one of those massages will be deducted from your packages instead of being charged.

This is due to high demand especially for ‘prime times’. Please let me know as soon as you can if you are unable to attend your appointment. If your appointment is a no call, no show, you will be charged 100% of the appointment cost, no exceptions. 


If a session needs to be cancelled due to Covid 19 or any other sickness, please notify Mountain Meadow Therapeutics as soon as you feel symptoms come on. MMT has a 48 hour late cancellation policy due to high demand. Please recognize that by late cancelling you put someone’s income in jeopardy. In the instance of sickness, I will do my best to work with you on finding a replacement for the spot or you have the option to gift your massage to someone else (if canceling within the 48 hour window). We understand sickness can set on quickly, and we aren’t here to add more stress. Stay home if you’re feeling ill and we will do our best to work with you.

If your therapist has canceled due to sickness under 48 hours, you will not be charged a late cancelation fee and will be taken special care of at your next appointment. Please email with questions.

Mountain Meadow Therapeutics completes weekly cleaning regimens throughout the building to make sure our facility is always a safe, clean, welcoming space. Doorknobs and several high traffic surface areas are cleaned daily.

HEPA grade air purifiers are in the massage room and run on high. Floors, bathroom, and other contact areas are cleaned weekly. MMT uses earth/eco friendly cleaning solutions (when possible) to clean our studio and promote environmentally friendly practices whenever possible.


Applies to packages, gift certificates, prepaid massages and retail: Refunds are not something any business wants to see. We understand things come up and we always want to work with you. If for some reason we cannot work it out, we look at 2 things. Does the service/package have an expiration? If so, when? Second, how long ago was the service/package/item purchased? If within a reasonable amount of time and within the expiration date, we will happily issue a refund. After the expiration date NO refund will be issued. We DO NOT offer a cash refund for any products, services/ gift certificates and packages. If retail is in unused and new condition you have 30 days to request a refund on products/retail. The refund will be given the same way the purchase was made.  There will be NO refunds for services rendered. Packages and gift certificates cannot be redeemed for cash at any point after purchasing.

Issuing refunds is hard for businesses that don’t have investors fueling their costs. Please have full confidence before purchasing services and/or packages. After the expiration date, NO appointments, packages or gift certificates will be refunded, no exceptions. ALL packages, gift certificates and prepaid massages expire after 6 months unless otherwise stated.

Email with questions. 


Having photos/videos of our offerings as a small business helps us promote ourselves in todays marketing, especially with the majority of visibility coming from places such as Facebook, Instagram and the internet.

Mountain Meadow Therapeutics reserves the right to use any photos and/or videos taken from any session solely for marketing and promotion purposes. Photos remain professional and identities kept safe unless asked to be “tagged” or “featured” by the client themselves.

We always respect a clients request, so if you are not interested in having any photos or videos, please let us know in your intake form. 


You will be required to sign a liability waiver for every and all events. Policies may include slight changes if there is a collaboration with another business or practitioner. If an event hosted by Mountain Meadow Therapeutics is canceled by MMT, you are entailed to 100% of your investment back. 


Refund Policy for Events-

Paid events and workshops-You must give us at least 48 hours notice of cancelation in order to receive 100% your money back. After 48 hours, it is at the discretion of Amber if a 50% refund or 0% refund will be given. This depends on the event popularity, cost and location or if someone can take your spot that will also be accepted. 

Donation/sliding scale events- After 48 hours, there will be NO refunds given in the event of a late cancelation. Money donated will either be used for costs of food, materials, etc. or may be passed along to a non-profit organization local to Colorado. (organizations include Angels with Paws cat rescue, Foothills Animal center, Cobalt abortion fund)

Retreats-You must give 2 weeks cancelation notice for any Mountain Meadow Therapeutics retreat. After 2 weeks, there will be 0% refund given due to planning, preparation and costs of the retreat(s). 


*If an emergency comes up for any of these siuations, please email Amber asap at to have a conversation. 

We appreciate your respect and consideration with this. 


Information relating to you and your session, notes or any other personal information will never be shared with anyone including third party sources. I use the booking system Squarespace/Acuity and have a website through Wix. Although they have their own policies listed on their websites, your information will never be shared by MMT personally. Mountain Meadow Therapeutics LLC should never contact you through ANY other third party sites, persons and should be reported if so. We do not spam email or send postal mail to our clients. Only direct contact will be made by MMT to clients regarding your session via email, text or call. You will never be spammed nor harassed by MMT and their affiliates. Internal notes are kept on our clients pertaining to their health. Notes are used to keep track of history, major events, injuries/surgeries of clientele only.  These notes are never shared and required to be kept by licensed professionals per the state of Colorado and remain protected due to HIPPA law. All information pertaining to the client is considered confidential. We take this VERY seriously.


Should a yoga class be canceled, clients will receive 100% of their money back. Clients shall be notified as soon as MMT has word that the class will be canceled. 


Get in touch with Amber of Mountain Meadow Therapeutics at

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