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Massage sessions at Mountain Meadow Therapeutics are both functional, yet intuitive, including a blend of several advanced techniques and modalities ranging from deep tissue, sports, Swedish, Dermoneuromodulation, energy work, etc. Each session is customized to your body and specific to that day. Each session includes a thorough pre and post session intake as well as recommendations based on the findings from your session. 60, 75, 90 minutes, and 2 hour sessions are available. Cupping, CBD, infrared lighting, locally crafted Rocky Mountain herbal oils can be included by request in your sessions cost.

At MMT, we believe sessions should target our physical body obtaining lasting relief as well as maintaining mobility, but also addressing our mental health and nervous system regulation. 

We live in too stressful of an environment to be chipping away at life without honoring our stress, resting often and recovering on a regular basis. 

Our bodies are not made to handle constant stressors and fatigue. Slowing down is an essential part of life while remaining limber, pain free and mobile for all of life's activities we enjoy. 

Massage packages and add-ons such as yoga, reiki, guasha, facial cupping, and our signature facial treatment are also available to add on to any session for a competitive rate under "add ons".

Click below to schedule your session, purchase packages, and view all services. 

Each session includes a treatment plan, recommendations, and one on one support. 

60 MINUTES-$165

75 MINUTES-$195

90 MINUTES-$225

2 HOUR-$305



Cupping therapy can be added to any massage included with the cost of your session. 

Cupping is known as a decompression therapy versus massage which is considered compression therapy. This allows us to "trick" and work the nervous system from a different approach, which can facilitate the body to relax quicker and more effectively. Cupping can help hypertonic or overused muscle tension by working the tissue in a different way other than traditional massage or manual compression techniques. 

Please let us know in the notes section when booking that you would like to add it and we can discuss the details in person.  



Reiki is a traditional Japanese stress reduction and relaxation technique aimed primarily towards our energetic fields. If you have ever felt like you can't get to the bottom of something emotionally or physically, Reiki can be a great option. Reiki has been proven to be affective in many ailments including cancer patients as well as those suffering with chronic disease.  Various hand placements are used while a person is fully clothed(can also be done during a yoga or massage session). Reiki sessions are usually more meditative with some slight guidance. Reiki is a great tool to help process anything that may feel unresolved or overwhelming. Many people book sessions prior to and after big life events. Afterwards, people have reported being able to handle stress better, feeling a weight that has been lifted, the ability to feel and move through grief and overall a happier feeling.

It is NOT a replacement for talk-therapy and or medications, and has no guarantee with any condition. 

30 minute Reiki (add on only)-$95

60 minute Reiki (add on or stand alone session)-$165



The Intraoral treatment includes inner mouth work(with gloves) as well as exterior neck, jaw and shoulder bodywork face up only. Please note this work can feel uncomfortable at times, but we work gently allowing the tissue and nervous system to respond accordingly. 
This session is beneficial for:
-jaw clicking or popping
-chronic jaw or neck pain
-those with any car accident history
-those who have regular headaches
-locked jaw
-pelvic floor dysfunction

Intraoral add on-$50

Intraoral full session-$111



This sessions are designed to help you move and stretch prior to receiving your massage. Those that have a more sedentary job or lifestyle may benefit from these sessions. Fascia, joints and muscles highly benefit from low impact, intentional and variety of movement we don'y normally do day to day. 


Balance-Massage/Yoga combination(30/60)

Includes a 30-minute yoga session followed by a 60-minute therapeutic massage booked for 90-minutes total. Appointments are booked as one and must be used together. Customized to your wants and needs based on your body and how it feels and is moving at the time of the session. Please wear comfortable clothing you can move in. Learn more about your muscles, how to properly engage them during yoga, as well as how to gain mobility without pain. Gentle recommendations may be given.

1 hour 30 minutes- $225.00

Breathe-Massage and Yoga combination(30/90)

Includes a 30-minute yoga session followed by a 90-minute therapeutic massage booked for 2 hours total. Appointments are booked as one and must be used together. Customized to your wants and needs based on your body and how it feels and is moving at the time of the session. Please wear comfortable clothing you can move in. Learn more about your muscles, how to properly engage them during yoga, as well as how to gain mobility without pain. Gentle recommendations may be given.

2 hours- $290.00

IMG_0955 (1).jpg


Dive deeper into your yoga practice or maybe start a new yoga practice. Explore our private yoga sessions where we can build confidence in your stretching/yoga/breathing knowledge or expand on the knowledge you already have. Amber has certifications in vinyasa, yin, and hot yoga styles.

In 2018 she became certified in yoga to assist her massage clients learn the importance of low-impact movement, intentional movement and the importance of both passive and active recovery. Balance and Breathe are yoga/massage combinations rolled into one session. You can book a combo or a regular private yoga session with the link below. 

Amber loves to help her clients access the mobility of our "yin tissues" such as tendons, ligaments, fascia, etc through Yin yoga as well as help clients find strength in their bodies through Vinyasa by working on stabilizing our bigger muscles and muscle groups. Each session is customized to you. 




MMT facial treatment is NOT an actual facial. It can be added to any of our massage sessions as a small treatment at the end of your massage using facial cupping, guasha, and finishes with a rose quartz jade roller. 

Herbal oil of your choice may be used when doing facial cupping and guasha for the ultimate glowing treatment. Herbal oils are sustainably sourced from the Colorado mountains and include (Yuzu fruit oil(non-Colorado), pinion pine, salomons seal, wild rose, and St. Johns Wort)

We start with facial cupping allowing the exterior muscles of your face to relax, decrease puffiness, work fine lines and wrinkles. 

Next, we use the guasha stone to relax the muscles and nervous system while continuing to work with the elasticity of the skin. 

We will finish with the jade roller to cool the skin down, again help with puffiness, fine lines and calm the nervous system. 

Amber's knowledge of facial anatomy makes this experience that much better. 

If you have had botox or fillers in the last 2 weeks please let us know. 

Add on to massage-$40



Stretch sessions are for the athlete/weekend warrior who could use quick relief and mobility or someone who is looking to build mobility in their joints and work on range of motion to help them move through life with ease. These sessions include a full body stretch, fully clothed, working with the fascia and nervous system siamotainously to allow the body to reach new ranges of motion, movement and releases. 


Many clients schedule these sessions after big activities such as hiking, biking, climbing, or even a big event/race. Please wear flexible, loose clothing during the session because this session is primarily stretching only. Cupping may be added depending what the goal is. 




Massage packages and online gift certificates are available for purchase through our booking link. Please click the link, select the tab gift certificates/packages and choose your favorite.

Packages are geared towards those looking for consistency. We offer a discount to those willing to commit to themselves and work on their overall life by seeing us for regular sessions. Each session in the package can be customized and may involve any of our included add ons with no extra cost to you.


Packages must be used within 6 months, no exceptions! 

IMG_0911 (2).jpg


Chair massage is done for events of all kinds. Events range from weddings, wellness/fitness events, corporate company wellness/appreciation days, music festivals, farmers markets, pop ups, etc.

Customized yoga classes are also an option.


If you are interested in having chair massage or yoga, please inquire below for rates and availability.

Thank you!



Outdoor mountain massage experiences are for those looking to fully unplug with a customized, therapeutic massage in our stunning Colorado mountains, while the serenity of nature surrounds you. Offered May-September, these experiences are for those truly moved and healed by nature, an upscale version of forest bathing if you will.

Allow yourself a full day to unwind and rejuvenate with a specially crafted massage, located within the lush wilderness of the Rocky Mountains. Each massage includes your choice of four locally crafted massage oils exclusive to Mountain Meadow Therapeutics from our friends at Alpine Valley Mushrooms. Oils offered include: Mountain Rose, Pinion Pine, Solomons seal, and St. Johns wort. These oils help support our everyday nerve, lymph and circulation that occurs naturally within the body and are both locally and sustainably sourced from our Colorado mountains.

All massage add-ons are available as well as yoga services to book with your massage experience.

Locations vary along the front range from Fairplay to Nederland. Travel and massage costs are included in the booking price. Prices are based on the total round trip time. Please allow time for set up and take down as well as clean time. Most clients use this time to integrate, journal, meditate or do a slight walk around the area. Please expect 4-7 hours of time away. Proper protection from insects, wind, rain and any other un-suspecting factors is always provided and taken into consideration.

Cancelations will not be accepted one week prior to scheduled date, 100% charge for the appointment will be required in the event of a cancelation. Emergencies will depend on a case by case basis.

Please note, weather and forces out of our control may require the session to be re-booked. We reserve the right to require a 20% deposit on each experience booked.

Please know that safety is our number one concern. We would never put anyone in an unpredictable or dangerous situation. Animals may occur, but Amber has a deep background with Colorado Wilderness, has wilderness and CPR certifications and carries protection if need be. Please email for specific questions regarding outdoor sessions. 

Mountain Massage
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